Thursday 23 October 2014

Memories of Franki Valli on the birthday bash

Teleman: Heaven, 22 October 2014

My Sis and I aren't getting each other birthday presents any more. Instead, twice a year, we're going to a gig together. And last night, watching Teleman, my mind went back to the first gig we went to together. I've realised it was 38 or 39 years ago. OK, we were kids, but all the same; long time...

So we were understandably concerned about the 'in-crowd' last night at a with-it, hip venue. (Alright; stop that. You never talked like that, even in the 70s). No need to worry though. Music's changed and the people in the band are now just as likely to witness their parent's generation in the audience, possibly moshing. 

The band we went to see in the mid-seventies? Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. And strangely, a few weeks ago, Six Music played a track of theirs; The Night. And what a song that is. I often think of "Oh what a night; December 1963", mainly because I was one at the time and it was a very cold winter apparently. But if you listen to the Night, you'll see that Franki has legacy.

He could have easily come on stage and performed with Teleman last night, who were better than when I saw them at the Green Man festival in August. (OK; it sounds like I'm a Teleman groupie, but remember I'm old enough to be their Dad). They played a longer set and that can sometimes spell disaster. But, in this case, more was definitely more. I just hope they can build on the momentum and one day I can say that I saw this big band at a small venue. 

Happy birthday Sis. Let's book another.